Intelligent Computing Services

Dedicated in providing next generation computing service for 5G communication, artificial intelligence and big data with hyperscale supercomputing in cloud and on-premise

About us

Fii was established in 2015. We build and operate enterprise products for high performance computing and high-density data centers. Strong in system integration and big data analytics. Fii actively supports technology solutions in 5G, IoT, and Industrial AI to aid businesses in transforming to the Industry 4.0 environment.

For a long time, high-performance computing and supercomputers have given us the impression that they are often equivalent to the military, nuclear development, astronomy and other research.

In an instant, with the advance of Moore's Law and the development of various applications, the high-performance computing application has influenced our daily lives.

High Performance Computing

HPC provides high-speed CPU/GPU, high-speed InfiniBand Network and Lustre shared storage with massive capacity

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Mt.Jade Cloud

There are multiple scales and specifications of our compute node. You may easily deploy your system and scale up as you grow.

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IDC Hosting

High-Performance Environment for your Critical IT Infrastructure

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Featured Products

1U Rack Mount Server

Dual sockets of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with compact form factor, affordable enterprise platform feats high performance and reliability. It's the most powerful entry box for your IT infrastructure.

2U Rack Mount Server

High density and widely flexible platform, support dual Intel Xeon scalable processors and up to the 4 GPU FH/FL double-width PCIe standard cards. It's a balanced and cost effective design for you.

4U Rack Mount Server

Our 4U GPU computing platform is designed for High Performance Computing (HPC) and massive parallel computing requirements. Support up to 8 GPU FL/FH double-width standard card in one chasis.

Platform Applications


Hadoop / Spark